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terms & conditions

terms & conditions

The respect user, welcome you to register into this website user. Invites your careful reading following service term before the registration:

This service agreement both sides are the IBayMall( said that “this website”) with this website user, this service agreement has the contract potency.

You confirmed after this service agreement, this service agreement namely has the legal effect in you with this website between. Invites you by all means must before the registration reads completely the service agreement content earnestly, if has any question, may to this website consultation.

Regardless of you in fact whether before registration read this service agreement earnestly, so long as you in registration time has clicked on underneath agreement principal edition " Registers " The button and defers to this website registration procedure success registration is a user, your behavior still expressed that you agreed with and have signed this service agreement

1.This website service term's confirmation and admits
This website each service the property rights and the operation power turns over to this website to have.

2.Change of price and stockout
The product price and may attain the nature to indicate in this website. This kind of information will change momentarily, and does not issue any notice. The commodity price has contained the increment duty. Will deliver goods spends will settle seperately accounts, the expense will act according to you to choose delivers goods the way difference and different. If has had the contingency, after confirming your order form, because the supplier raises the price, the tax amount change causes change of price, perhaps, because the website mistake and so on creates the commodity price change, you are authorized to cancel your order form, and hoped you can promptly through the email or the telephone message this customer service department. You order commodity, if has the stockout, you are authorized to cancel the order form

3.Order form and payment
You must pay money in the under order form latter 48 hours. If has not observed, the order form will be cancelled.

We will deliver the product deliver goods the address which you will assign. All leaves in this website upper row delivers goods the time is the reference time, the reference time computation is according to the stock condition, the normal treating processes and the delivering goods time, delivers goods in the place foundation to estimate that obtains.

5.Individual information
While under order form's, you also simultaneously acknowledged you have purchase these products right ability and capacity, and provides you to you in the order form all information's authenticity is responsible

6.Concerns individual material
(1) Provides prompt, exhaustive and the accurate individual material.
(2) Agreement receive from this website information.
(3) Renews the registration material unceasingly, meets promptly, the exhaustive accurate requirement. All enters primitively the material will quote to register the material.
(4) this website not public user's name, address, email address and pen name, following situation exception:
 (a) The user is authorized this website to disclose these information.
 (b) The corresponding law and the procedure request this website to provide the user individual material. If the user provides the material contains has not the correct information, this website retention conclusion user used this website information service qualifications the right.

7. Email
User when registration must choose the stability and the security relatively good email address, and the agreement accepts and reads this website sending-out user each kind of email. Because if the user has not accepted the email promptly from own email address either the user email address or the user email receive and reading program's question causes the email to be unable to receive or reading normally, so long as this website success has transmitted the email, must regard as the user already received the related email. The email sends out the time which records on the sending a letter server regards as the delivery time.

8.Service term revision
This website is authorized when necessary to revise the service term, once this website service term has the change, will prompt the revision content on the important page. If did not agree modifies the content, the user may cancel this website information service which on own initiative obtains. If the user continues to enjoy this website information service, then regards as accepts the service term the change. This website retains momentarily revises or the interrupt servicing cannot inform the user the right. This website exercises the revision or the interrupt servicing right, cannot is responsible for the user or the third party.

9.User privacy system
Respect user individual privacy is this website basic policy. Therefore, this website certainly not in without the validated user authorization time public, the edition or will disclose its registration material and the preservation in this website non-public content, only if will have the law allow request or this website in the good faith foundation thought that disclosed these information in the following four kind of situations will be necessary:
(1) Observes the relevant law to stipulate that complies with this website legitimate service routine.
(2) Maintains maintains this website the trademark property rights.
(3) Maintains user individual by might and main in the emergency case and the social populace's privacy safety.
(4) Meets other related requirements. This website retention issued the member population analysis capital inquires right. 

10.User's account number, password and security
Once you register become the user successfully, you will obtain a password and the account number. If you do not take care of your account number and the cryptosecurity, will take the full liability. Moreover, each users must take full responsibility to its account all activities and the event. You may momentarily change your password according to the instruction, might also finish the old account to reopen a new account. The user agree, if discovers any illegal use user account or the security crack's situation, please immediately circular this website. 

11.Information storage and limit
This website has the determination user's behavior whether to meet this website service term requirement and the spiritual right, if the user violates this website service term the stipulation, this website is authorized to interrupt its service the account number.

12. user management
The user must follow:
(1) The use information service does not make the illegal use.
(2) Does not disturb or the chaotic network service.
(3) Observes all use service the network protocol, the stipulation, the procedure and the convention. User's standard of conduct is take the Internet laws and regulations, the policy, the procedure and the convention as the basis
13. this website user do not contain the following content in this message area publication the opinion:
(1) Instigation resistance, destruction constitution and legal, administrative rules and regulations implementation;
(2) The instigation subversion state power, overthrows the socialist system;
(3) The instigation divided country, the destruction country are unified;
(4) Instigation nationality hatred, ethnic discrimination, destruction national unity;
(5) Any contains to discrimination and so on race, sex, religion, region content;
(6) Makes or the distortion of fact, the circulate rumour, the harassment social order;
(7) Publicizes the feudal superstition, obscenely, the pornography, gambling, the violence, the murder, the terror, to instigate the crime;
(8) Insults other people blatantly or fabricates the fact to slander other people, or carries on other malicious attack;
(9) Harm State agency prestige;
(10) Other violate the constitution and the law administrative rules and regulations.

14. conclusion service
The user either this website may momentarily act according to the actual situation to interrupt or many services. This website cannot or the third party is responsible for and momentarily the interrupt servicing for any individual. If the user opposed that any service term the suggestion or had the objection to afterward provision revision, or was discontented with this website service, the user might exercise the following right: No longer use this website information service.
15. system Problem
This if must suspend because of the system maintenance or the promotion serving time, will announce beforehand. If causes the suspension service because of the hardware fault or other force majeures, suspension service period creates all inconvenience with the loss, this net does not undertake any responsibility.

16. circular
All issues the user the circular to be possible through the important page's announcement either the email or the conventional letter transmission. Service term's revision, the service change, or other milestone's circular can carry on by this form.

17. circular
All issues the user the circular to be possible through the important page's announcement either the email or the conventional letter transmission. Service term's revision, the service change, or other milestone's circular can carry on by this form.

18. information content property rights
This website definition's information content includes: Writing, software, sound, photograph, video recording, graph; In advertisement complete content; This website other information which provides for the user. All these contents copyright, trademark, label and other property rights law protection. Therefore, the user can only can use these contents under this website and the advertising agent authorization, but cannot duplicate, be born again these contents arbitrarily, or the creation and the content related derivation product.

This website information service provision must be consistent with the Malaysia’s laws legal explanation. The user and this website common consent obey this website locus to have the jurisdiction court jurisdiction. When occurs this website service term and the Malaysian law conflict, then these provisions completely will press the legal rule to explain, but other provisions as before maintain to user's binding force.